First of all hello and welcome to the site of eu Auchindoun guild 'Dungeons and Dragons'

The Auchindoun realm is connected to Jaedenar and Dunemaul.

Most guildplayers are experienced and go along for a few years already.

We will be raiding:     Wednesday 19.50 TILL 23.00 SERVERTIME

and also                      Thursday 19.50 TILL 23.00 SERVERTIME 

We often have extra raids!

Requirements to join:

1 Be social/a teamplayer/nice to guildies.

2 No whining.

3 Enchanted/gemmed/geared(350+ilvl)

4 Prepared(know tacts)/voicecom(Discord)/time to raid.

5 Stick to the rules!!! Referring to rule 1,2,3 and 4!!!                                                            


When you already are a member of the guild you can register with the guildinfo ingame and press 'apply to guild' on the left side top of the page.

Happy gaming times for you all!!!  


Best wishes, The 'Dungeons and Dragons' Staff